Clean Ships,

Clean Seas

We design and build highly customized products and systems that deliver excellence in underwater ship maintenance services. Our insistence on ensuring the best for our clients is matched by our concern for our seas.

As a technology company, with experience and expertise, we are determined to steer the shipping industry forward globally - calibrating with precision from the bottom up.

Engineering excellence

Underwater ship maintenance services like hull cleaning or propeller polishing services are challenging operations to undertake.

From calibration to assembly, every step of the manufacturing process is done in-house to meet our own exacting standards. We have even designed our own filtration systems, biofuel power packs and a lot more – in our attempt to ensure that TecHullClean technology is the best available technology there is.

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Understanding concerns is the first step to defining solutions for our stakeholders

Ship owners and charters

Our clients look for ship cleaning and maintenance operations that deliver maximum fuel efficiency. A thorough cleaning operation that is gentle to the paint is then top priority here.

Port authorities and operators

Striking a balance between biofouling management and a successful business is difficult. Our network here seeks the best available technology for filtration, retention, removal of debris.

Ship repair agencies

Ship repair agencies are looking to offer the best underwater IRM solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and comply with the latest official environmental directives.

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